The Particular Requirements Of B2B Direct Marketing

The fact of your products or service is really defined by the perception and the needs of a specific audience. What about nature of your product linked to your potential audience? Do the qualities of your product or service make it very specialized? This is a common characteristic of technology product. Normally, this means that your product or service:

• May be helpful only by an audience with special skill or previously acquired knowledge, or may need training to be used.
• Is paying attention on a particular kind of “vertical” or skilled solution, and therefore probably has a much smaller amount of people interested in or using it.
• Is probably more luxurious than the “average” product.
• Is expected to involve more than one individual in evaluating or buying it, resulting in a longer sales cycle.

These all are kinds of product issues that affect your entire direct marketing program, because they drive whom you must reach, the offer you have to to make, the content and structure of your message (the “creative”), and the method you implement part or all of the direct marketing program.

That’s why business to business direct marketing have a tendency to be highly focused, highly targeted process. List selection becomes an entirely critical component, because you must investigate and get just the right type of list, with suitable selection criteria, to increase your chance of success in reaching your best target audience.

Developing an offer is equally essential. In lead generation, the offer must appeal very specifically to the type of viewers you are targeting. Normally, the higher the price of your product, the more you need to prequalify the prospect and make that person “work harder” for your offer. In order age group, on the other hand, it is important to attract the prospect to evaluate the product or service instead of or an addition to one more product or service, and to make it attractive to purchase that product simply and fast. All the detail must be included so that the prospect can make a purchase straight away.

Finally, when you perform the creative, the approach must be suitable to the audience, if, for example, your product target market is scientists, you maybe already know that these individuals are interested in facts, figure, experiments and acceptable claim. Well documented non promotional stuff is likely to work better for this technical audience instead of “showy” advertising approaches with little in the way of detail.

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