Short Sale Marketing Ideas to Get Sellers Chasing You

Short sale marketing doesn’t mean you have to do commercials or even take out a billboard. Getting sellers in need to reach out to you often just means putting key ideas in to place that are cheap (sometimes free) that will let people in need of help to raise their hand and call you!

We invite you to discover key short sale marketing ideas that will allow you to get more people calling and emailing you today.

Social Networking

You can’t just post “who needs a short sale?” and expect people to come rushing to you. Social networking gives you the opportunity to get strangers and those who you know to reach out to you for help. In order to get your network to come to life and identify you as the expert, it requires that you ask interest peaking questions. For example you could simply post as your status update “Do you know the 5 key items to put in a hardship letter to get your short sale approved? Find out now..” and you can direct them to your website. Sending them back to your website will give prospects the opportunity to reach out to you directly.

Pay Per Click

Just as in social networking, you can’t just market directly for short sales as many sellers don’t understand that it could be their best option. To get the most from your pay per click campaign requires that you target key items that a seller would be looking for BEFORE they know they are in need of a short sale.

For example a seller who is behind on their payments, would often look for “hardship letter to mortgage company” or “stop foreclosure programs”. At this point in searching a seller is looking for help, they just aren’t sure what help they need. Getting them to reach out to you early will help you to be identified as the source for information and you can help save their credit.

With pay per click for short sale marketing the key is to keep tightly focused localized ad campaigns and ad groups. When you do this you will get sellers throughout your entire city.

Reaching out to past clients

This is a short sale marketing tactic that many real estate professionals miss! Many people feel guilty that they put someone in a house where now they are in need of a short sale, but know that it’s not your fault. People can be in need of a short sale due to job loss, medical situations, or countless others that aren’t your fault.

You can reach out to past clients via direct mail, or the easiest way of simply picking up the phone. Consider making your calls easy, by simply mentioning briefly something like “Mr/Mrs Past Client, I have been helping many owners in these tough times with short sales. Do you think any of your neighbors might want a private consultation to see if I can help them through this tough time?”. Should they have a need themselves this will make them feel comfortable enough to ask for your help.

Article Marketing

Yes article marketing for short sales is a fantastic method! Writing articles on popular sites like Ezines, Buzzle, and others will demonstrate your expertise. When you write articles that give sellers tips on how to get the bank to stop calling, write hardship letters, and even negotiate on their own they will feel compelled to reach out to you!

No matter which idea you start with, the key part is to start with something today! Short sales are a large part of the market now, so it’s time to reach out and see who you can help.

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