Revolutionizing Direct Marketing

Revolutionizing Network Marketing
Let’s face it! Most of us have heard it said that network marketing programs are little more than “pyramid schemes,” regardless of the company. I was one of those. But when I was presented with an opportunity to work with an entrepreneur who had made millions in this business, and many others: best selling book sales, real estate, internet marketing, stocks and other business ventures; I stopped and considered that all I knew might not be all there is to know. I earned my opportunity to work with this multi millionaire and best selling author, and I am really glad I had an open mind enough to do just that.

Think about it, any business- whether it is a small business or a large corporation, has some form of hierarchy. The president or CEO is always at the top, with VP’s and other managerial executive positions’ branching out from there, and then the workers… the people who really get and keep the business going under management’s lead. How then, is a direct marketing or network marketing company any different? Actually, it may be a more efficient and effective business model as you cut start-up and inventory costs. You also save money on the idea that there is no middle man, or at least, you become the middle man… either way, you no longer have the cost related to needing this type of service.

I have come to learn that network marketing and direct marketing are not necessarily bad, it is up to the individual to ensure that they are finding the right company and then taking entrepreneurial, pro active steps to build that business. Take the company I am involved with, for instance… it is a publicly traded company, it offers 6 different ways to create income streams within your 1 business, the products are high quality, top of the line products that really work… this keeps your customers coming back. In addition, I was lucky enough to team up with one of the top money earners in the company with whom I work directly. This associate has worked incredibly hard at mentoring the team I am associated with to be leaders and is revolutionizing the way we build our teams. It is so exciting to be a part of something so grounded. I take pride in learning more about network marketing and growing as a person. It amazes me how short we sell ourselves by closing our minds. Who’d of thought I would change my mind about this business model? More than that, who could have known how rewarding and fun it could be?

If you have ever considered working at home, or purchasing a business in a direct marketing company, just stop and answer these few questions:

1. Am I disciplined enough to be my own boss and get things done?
2. Have I researched the companies I am interested in working with?
3. Do I have passion for the product I am selling?
4. Is there some level of support built in, or will I be essentially on my own?
5. Am I disciplined enough to be my own boss and get things done?

Don’t be fooled. There is a certain amount of hard work and learning that must get done to realize success in a network marketing company, but if you get involved with a good company and are disciplined enough to work at it, you will recognize that success. In my case, I found an incredible team with terrific mentors working to revolutionize the way things get done in the industry. This kind of support has been paramount to my own personal successes, and now I am a leader among my team. I don’t know if you will be lucky enough to join a revolutionary team, but if you are looking for something you could manage yourself, with relatively little start-up AND you are a motivated self starter, there is no reason why you wouldn’t do well in a direct marketing business model. Whatever you choose, be sure that you either have the passion or the support to see it through… though it helps to have both! Happy Money Making and good luck in your next venture.

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