Proximity Marketing – How To Increase Your Retail Sales By 30% In 90 Days

One of absolute worst mistakes a retail establishment can make is not understanding Proximity Marketing. Proximity Marketing is the continual marketing to, and study of the encompassing radius surrounding any retail establishment. It’s the low hanging fruit theory. Studies have shown that most people like to shop or dine within a short distance of their home. To increase their sales, all a business owner has to do is find out who their best prospects are and keep the marketing messages flowing to them.

But most businesses do a lousy job of this seemingly common sense marketing logic. Why? Because it takes knowledge and creativity to make it successful and most important, profitable. Just sending out a postcard or sales flyer once in awhile is not enough to create Brand Dominance. Brand Dominance is when a business reaches 90% awareness within their proximity. Brand Dominance is achieved through a well laid out plan over a period of months, and usually years. And it doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. It does mean a consistent and varied approach to getting the business message ingrained on the minds of each and every proximity inhabitant. Direct mail, PR, web, events, zone cable spots, referral, billboard all make up key components, or touchpoints of Proximity Marketing. Touchpoints are every single way that your business is seen, heard, or felt by the public. By planning ahead and keeping the touchpoints rolling, a business can increase their sales exponentially in a short period of time.

The key is keep the brand out front all of the time. Don’t hide the silver, as they say. Get it out and keep it out. Make people hear your business message over and over again, but don’t bore them. Make sure your getting through to them with clear statements that cause action. Action is the key to Proximity Marketing. Move those prospects with specials, sales, promotions, premiums, contests and any other well positioned sales strategy.

Now, once you get them as customers, continue to keep accelerating your Brand Dominance with them. Don’t ever give them a reason to think of a competitor. Keep the communication consistent and worthwhile. Once you have them as a customer, you’ll know everything about them. Their likes and dislikes and little consumer nuances that you’ll use to increase their Lifetime Value.

Remember, it’s all about the Proximity. Winning the Proximity is key to achieving record sales and profits.

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