Network Marketing Tools – What You Can Learn From Direct Mail Pros

One direct mail technique you should adapt to your MLM business is the “stick” letter. In direct mail, this letter would go out as soon as the sale was made, before the product shipment. It will become one of your most important network marketing tools.

The letter’s job was to make the sale stick. In MLM recruiting, of course, you get a high number of new reps with “buyer’s remorse.” They may or may not wish they hadn’t joined, but they sure don’t do any work.

This happens because in network marketing, you run into two types of prospect:

1. Those who are very self-motivated to join your opportunity and make it a success.

2. Those who aren’t really self-motivated … but they get in your process, maybe in your email follow-ups, and they just start moving along. Somewhere along the way, they get convinced to join. These new sign-ups are much more likely to fall off your group wagon than the very self-motivated ones.

You may well have a great opportunity for them. But they still don’t lift a finger to build themselves a lifetime income.


It could be that you moved them along a bit faster than they were comfortable with … and when they joined your company, they were still in a state of agitation. Which means “instant buyer’s remorse.”

Or – even if they are committed, even if they really want to be part of your team and what you are doing … just a short time ago, maybe just days or even hours – they didn’t even know you existed.

That desire to be a part of your team wasn’t there at all.

But they read your article or they got on your conference call and they talked with you and that desire went from non-existent to a very high level very quickly. And so now they’re excited and they’ve spent money and they’ve committed their time to a whole new adventure that they didn’t even know existed just a very short time ago.

Then as they sit alone and think about this, some will get that feeling of buyer’s remorse: “Am I doing the right thing?” Maybe they’ll notice they have 10 emails from 10 other money-making opportunities. “What makes this MLM deal any better for me than all of those others?” Without even doing anything, they’ll decide your opportunity is not the place for them.

That’s why part of your job is to inoculate yourself against buyer’s remorse.

Direct mail pros have used a “stick” letter to do this job. Adapted to MLM, you’d send out an actual letter immediately to your new rep:

1. What makes this opportunity different from all the others.
2. What makes YOU different from all the other sponsors.
3. The benefits the new rep will get from working with you.
4. A brief summary of the Action Plan you have to get them off to a fast start.
5. A description of how your team works together.
6. Maybe a list of resources you provide to your reps.
7. Anything else that re-inforces the decision they made.

For best results, FedEx this letter to the new rep. When you use network marketing tools like this letter, you make your new rep feel very special, and you differentiate yourself from everybody else in your business.

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