MLM Network Marketing Training – Why You Must Know Your Colors

To be successful in any company, there must be access to some basic training and MLM Network Marketing is no exception.

Let’s face it, even McDonalds, the company many MLM Network Marketing companies compare themselves to for “duplicatable systems”, has training every employee must take.

Rarely, though, are we taught how to talk to people. We are sent out into the harsh world of friends and family being told “your mouth is your office, keep it open”.

How many people have been told to do that and are never heard from again? Perhaps hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions!

Knowing the different color personalities, being able to identify them quickly, then knowing how to talk to them in a way that makes sense to that color is a skill that is rarely taught, but, once learned is priceless.

Knowing that when you are talking to a “green” personality the last thing in the world you want to do is sell, close and hype will save you countless hours of frustration wondering why nobody is joining you in your business.

Yet, because most neophyte MLM Network Marketers are listening to the “successful gurus” training in their company, gurus who just happen to be “red” and train everyone to sell, close and hype, the newbie MLM Network Marketers are blowing most of the people they meet right out of the water and don’t understand why.
Learn your colors, there are 4 by the way.

Green, Yellow, Blue and Red

70% of the population are either green or yellow and I can tell you, if you talk to them the typical way we are trained to do in MLM Network Marketing they will either be polite, then avoid you, or they will look at you like you’re trying to scam them and never again believe a word you say.

Yellow personalities are open and indirect, meaning they will be warm, friendly and answer your questions, but they will not expand on their answers. Their answers will be short and concise. Think nurturer.

Green personalities are self contained and indirect. They will most likely shake your hand instead of giving you a hug and their answers will also be short and to the point. Think accountant.

Blue personalities are open and direct. They are the people who tend to wear their heart on their sleeve. These people are warm, friendly and will tell you exactly how they feel, there’s no guessing here! Think actor.

Red personalities are self contained and direct. They are all about being in control, no warmth, but very direct and yes, they can be intimidating. Think corporate executive.

Do yourself and your mlm network marketing business a favor, learn your colors. It will help you tremendously in building the relationships needed for long term success in network marketing.

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