Marketing 1 Product Vs Marketing 100 Products

In your business, are you betting the farm on one marketing technique? Well if you are, then I can tell you that you’re setting yourself up for failure whether you know it or not. You see with almost every advertising attempt, there’s a chance of your ad not working. And this chance increases more and more with the rising of costs of doing business.

With that being said, I think that you’re putting yourself in a hole when you say I don’t to use this technique or another because it’s labor intensive. That’s just the wrong reason to not do a marketing strategy. If you want to work and find yourself with tons of customers on a daily basis, you need to get some spunk.

Spunk is always s good thing. It’s one of those “swagger” things that you will want to incorporate in your business also. So when you meet with colleagues and investors, you can come off as a person that knows what they are talking about, and you make yourself someone that people want to hang out with.

How does this relate to marketing? Well I’m going to show you in just a second. If you want to have the most kind of success that you dream of, then you’re probably will want scatter your marketing strategies. One day create a TV ad. The next day run an ad in the newspaper. The next do a bit of internet marketing with PPC advertising. The next day try to find joint venture partners. All of these techniques will help you to boost your income if you diversify your marketing.

Now if you do go down the path where the income just isn’t coming in, then some sacrifices will have to be made. It all revolves around your budget. How many things are you willing to spend to make your marketing strategy succeed? This something that you need to think about before bringing new leads and potential customers into your doors.

One thing that you don’t want to do is to put your eggs in one basket. So if one marketing strategy fails, pick yourself up and try again. You can never give up on your dreams and aspirations no matter how far fetched it seems right now. Keep your marketing engines running so that you know that your marketing are handling most of the tasks for you.

Isn’t that what you want? More free time to spend with your family. More money in your pocket, and not having to worry about how much things cost in a store. This is called customer retention. If you can keep an eye on your prospects and see how they buy, you’ll be sitting on a mine field full of money.

I think that whenever someone comes into your business, they’re looking for something that is unique to their problem, and by asking them what it is that they’re looking for, you can easily point out the product or service that you requested.

Following up on your leads is a smart thing to do, and I think you should be implementing it into your business as well. Don’t believe the hype that you’ll earn “30k in 30 days” and things like that. Instead, focus on generating leads, and following up on these until they buy.

These are the kind of things that needs to be considered if you want to have the kind of business success that you dream of.

Good luck with making these tips work for your business also.

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