Increasing Affiliate Web Site Marketing Income

How to increase your affiliate web site marketing income…
Whether you are interested in creating a stable primary source of income online or just looking to supplement your existing income through marketing affiliate programs…increasing your earning potential will be a constant concern. After all, the goal of any business venture is ultimately to maximize profits.

As an affiliate marketer there are two ways in which you can increase your affiliate web site marketing income. This is simply based upon the method in which affiliate programs work. Regardless of the type or program (i.e. pay per sale, pay per lead, etc.), all affiliate programs are all performance based commission opportunities. When you refer customers to your affiliate company’s website and the customer completes a certain action like filling out a form or making a sale, you receive a commission.

Therefore, to increase your commissions you really only have two options. Increase the number of customers you refer to your affiliate company’s sales site or increase the number of customers who complete the desired action once they arrive there. This second aspect of the affiliate commission equation is also known as your conversion rate or CR.

Increasing the number of customers you refer is of the two options available, the one which you undoubtedly have the most direct control over. The reason being is that the number of referrals you make is directly tied to the success of your own affiliate web site marketing efforts. Whether you market through banner ads, pay-per-click marketing, or what have you, once the customer arrives at the destination site the rest of the process is largely out of your hands.

Realistically, your CR will tend to vary anywhere from 1% to about 10% on the high end. But, how can you manage your all important CR? I say all important for a very important reason. Increasing referral traffic is of course one of you main objectives as an affiliate web site marketing professional, however which would you rather have? Would you rather have 500 referrals with a 1% conversion rate or 100 referrals with a 10% conversion rate? As you can see here, generating 5 times the referral traffic earns you…lets see; half the commission?

A fundamental difference between generating referral traffic and managing CR is this. Traffic generation and affiliate promotion will always cost you, either in time or money. Managing CR however, doesn’t cost any additional time or money. Your CR will directly reflect several important things.

How you reach your prospects…

What you say to your prospects once you reach them…

How you refer you prospects to your merchant site…

To effectively manage your conversion rates pay close attention each phase of your referral process to make sure you do the best possible job preparing customers to have an open-mind once they arrive at your merchant site. Pre-selling your prospects will make all the difference in increasing you CR.

In summary, you’ll want to focus on two goals to greatly increase you affiliate web site marketing income. Your first goal will be to maximize the amount of targeted traffic to your affiliate merchants by only spending time and money that produce maximum profit for you. Your second goal is to maximize your conversion rates by making the proper adjustments within your referral process to produce the best possible results.

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