5 Guerilla Tips For Perfect Marketing Articles

Many writers truly believe that there are no such things as perfect marketing articles?

I disagree, perhaps because my own idea of what constitutes a perfect marketing article is very simple.
If I can sell one more widget tomorrow than I sold today, because of my marketing articles, then that is perfect.
Ten more widgets is super perfect! One hundred more widgets is uber-perfect and one thousand….well, you get the picture!
So, here are my top 5 tips for writing perfect marketing articles:

1. Headline, headline, headline!

So important that it merits three mentions! Why?

Because if your headline does not grab the reader, then they will be a reader no more!

Spend perhaps 50% of the time that you have set aside for writing the article, on the headline.

Go for the emotions of the reader. Shock them, move them, scare them – however you achieve it, your headline must involve your reader, literally drag them into your article.

2. Don’t fall into ‘the first line trap’

It’s your second chance to lose the reader! In other words, if you have a killer headline, but then the first line is a load of boring statistics or way off topic, you’ve just lost them.

It’s not rocket science, but you’ be amazed how many people fall into this trap,perhaps because they spend so long and work so hard on the headline that they relax and just throw the first thing that comes into their head up next!

Don’t do it – another 20% of your time MUST be dedicated to the first line!

3. Problem, then Solution.

Your first couple of paragraphs should introduce the topic.
Then, moving into the main body of the article, first, highlight the problem.

If possible, do so in a way that is as pointed at the reader, and make it as direct as possible.

For example, if your article is going to push alternative fuel sources, then the problem would be that “the world’s supplies of oil are not inexhaustible, and, by the time your grandchildren are grown up, there may be none left”.

See how that is almost personally addressing that reader on a one to one basis?

Then. highlight your solution. “However, there are alternatives available rifght at this moment will ensure that your family have heat and light for many generations to come”. Again, as pointed, as directly targeted as possible.

Remember that the objective is to write perfect marketing articles.
You cannot successfully market to a mass of people, or a mob.
All your marketing articles should aim to talk to one reader at a time.

4. Keep the body tidy!

Sounds like a line from an old-fashioned diet manual, but that’s all you really need to do.

When writing about the problem and the solution, use short sentences, and short paragraphs.

It is much harder to read on-screen than on page, so short is always better.

5. Go out with a bang!

Summarize what you have written before, then emphasize your message for a final time.

Don’t leave the article unfinished or hanging in the air, because it is basic human nature to look for a close to everything.

Make sure that your close leaves the reader in no doubt as to what you are saying, and, once again, the more pointed and direct, perhaps even combative, the better!

“Anyone who has a family would be a fool to ignore the facts. Viable alternative fuel sources are available right now, and they do work, but big businesses, corporate America, have their own agendas, and it doesn’t include you or your loved ones….”

You got a family, but you aren’t a fool, right? So, why should you listen to those evil ‘big businesses’, ‘corporate America’ with its’ ‘hidden agendas’?

Ouch! Does it hurt? Sure it does!

Does it work? Well, you be the judge!

It’s maybe not a ‘nice’ way of doing things, but you’re no here to be nice, and it sure is effective.

And effective advertising and marketing is ultimately what puts money in the bank, and that’s why you must spend the time and make the effort to get as close to creating perfect marketing articles as you can.

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