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When You’re Asked to Justify Your Marketing and Communications Job

Jun 10 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

I’m sometimes fascinated by the cluelessness of some nonprofit leaders. I recently heard about someone on the marketing and communications team of a medium-sized charity that had been asked by his boss to demonstrate in quantitative means why there should be any communications manager. In other words, the executive director of the organization was asking the marketing manager to prove that they were worth the investment in dollars and cents.

In response, the marketing manager was stating that their work had been directly tied to some fundraisers and the success of the events was a direct result of the work. That was, in turn, disputed because a “team” put together those events and there was not a direct link between the marketing manager and the revenue to the organization.

The thinking of the nonprofit executive director is absurd.

How can any executive director ask a team member to justify their own position financially? It makes no sense and is a sign of a more significant problem within the nonprofit that apparently has something to do with the leader and not the marketing and communications manager.

I can’t imagine ever asking anyone on my team to justify their position financially.

That’s my job!

Either I think every team member in my organization has a value and plays a part of the larger whole, even if they’re not responsible directly for the bottom line, or I don’t.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of having to prove your worth to an uninformed executive director (while you look for another job at an organization that will value your talents), here are some of the ways you can show your value.

If your executive director wants data, give them data–lots of it.

  • Look at social media and get reporting across different time periods or campaigns so you can show your organization’s performance concerning impressions, likes, comments, retweets, etc.
  • Take a look at the emails sent by you in support of the fundraising team (you know, the ones you’re probably writing for fundraisers group) and see the open and click-through rates. Also, take a look at the dollar value of these emails for donations received and the number of donors.
  • Go to your website and see the statistics on the number of people visiting your site, especially if it’s linked to Google Analytics. Even if your developer created your site, my bet is you and your marketing team worked on it as well.
  • If you have any collateral (brochures, letters, annual reports, emails, Facebook pages, videos) you worked on and helped drive traffic, then the impressions and donations that came through all of those items were motivated by your work (even if you collaborated with others as a team).
  • Take a look at the consulting costs in your area for a talented external marketing and communications team. Request two to three bids from outside vendors and then see how quickly your nonprofit is getting a bargain. My bet is your boss has no idea how much would be spent if the marketing and communications were entirely outsourced.

I’m not sure what it is with some nonprofit executive directors and why they devalue marketing and communications. If you’ve been in the business for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the horror stories about marketing groups having to prove their worth.

However, if this is happening to you or your team, this is bad news. It kills morale, and the reality is that there will likely never be anything that you could say or do to “prove” your worth. Once an executive director asks you to prove your worth, the very question means your sunk.

The fault is not in you, but it is in the executive director who does not fundamentally understand the role of marketing and communications for their organization and how it raises brand awareness and supports the fundraising function.

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Direct Marketing – How Do I Find a Ridiculously-Profitable Niche For My Next Product?

Jun 08 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

If you are looking for a new niche for direct marketing, this article contains 3 sources that you can use as research material for your next big seller. Read on to find out how you can make some serious money in direct mail.

The most important part about creating a new product, is to solve a problem or remove a pain for the customer. You don’t want to sell something that no one has ever heard of, no one has the problem it solves, or no one wants the product in general. You need to do a little research before you should start development. Too often direct marketers find a product and then try to match an audience to it later.

Here are a few places that you can research to find popular, profitable niches for your next product:

1. Amazon- They have extensive top-seller lists not only for books, but for every product they sell and they post it all to their site. You can view comments and reviews for the hottest products. Customers make suggestions for improvements and you can use all of this information as a lab to create your next blockbuster product.

2. Keyword searching tools- There are many different keyword search tools on the internet. You can use these to find out how much traffic is being generated for various popular searches. People flock towards the things they are interested in on the net, and you can capitalize on this by seeing which topics get the most traffic, and then developing a product to fill the unfilled niches.

3. eBay- Look at what the power sellers are doing. Find out what the hottest-selling products are for the year and the past few months. Look at what people are searching for. All of these tools are available. You can package all of your research into a profitable product if you know where to look for the information.

When you are looking for your next product for direct marketing, you must do your homework before hand. If you do your diligent research and find a niche where your customers have a need that isn’t filled, then all you have to do is hand it to them and they will buy without much of a fuss.

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Integrated Marketing – What It Is, Why It’s Important and How You Can Use It In Your Business

Jun 06 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Does your marketing strategy include an integrated plan?

You have a variety of ways to market your business – including advertising, direct mail, social media, email marketing – just to name a few. All of these enable you to reach out to your clients, to let them know what’s going on in your business and the products and services you have available for them. Each of those systems has its own marketing strategy.

When you integrate your marketing strategies together, you’re making your marketing message stronger.

Here’s a visual example that might help you see how much stronger your marketing gets when you integrate it. Put your hands together so your fingers are pointing up toward the sky. Line up the fingers of both hands – you can spread your fingers apart or you can keep them together, it doesn’t matter. Now have someone pull on your arms and you try to keep your hands together. You can’t really keep your hands together can you?

Now, let’s say each of your fingers represent one marketing strategy. So one finger is email, one finger is direct mail, and so on. Just because you have all these strategies in place, doesn’t make your marketing strong. You may get one new client from each independent strategy.

Now, take your hands in the same way, but this time, lace your fingers together. Fold them over and in between the fingers of the other hand. Have someone try to pull your arms apart now. It’s much easier to keep your hands together this way because you have a stronger base. It’s the same with your marketing.

Think about this in marketing. Do you talk about your direct mail in your email campaigns? Do you address what you sent in your email or your direct mail on your social networking sites? Are your advertisements telling people to connect with you on your social media sites?

That’s how you integrate your marketing. Everything is connected and laced together to make your marketing much stronger.

The reason this makes your marketing stronger is you never know if your clients are checking their email. Maybe they don’t even check their mail every day. You might even have clients who aren’t interested in social media sites, or it might be that they’re interested in only one or two social media sites and not others.

When you integrate your marketing you now have the ability to mention in your email marketing that you sent them something in the mail. You might even mention on your social network sites that you just mailed something out so people will be on the lookout for it. This simple strategy will broaden your reach because you can never be 100% sure who’s looking where for their communication with you and increase the chances of your prospects seeing your messages.

When you talk about one marketing strategy in another media, you’re much more likely to capture your clients and prospects attention. They will be on the lookout for things coming from you.

For your clients and prospects who check their mail every day, their emails go to their phone so they don’t miss a single one. They’re checking in on Facebook, Twitter and their other social sites four or five times a day. They see your message on all of those medias. So, your chances are multiplied of them not only seeing your offer but of taking action.

That’s integrating your marketing. That’s putting all of your marketing strategies to work to support one another, so your marketing, like your laced hands, is stronger.

Give some strategic thought to your marketing and, if you’re not already, start implementing strategies to strengthen every system you use with integration.

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Direct Sales – What You Need to Know

Jun 04 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

When I entered direct sales I was of the opinion that I would be a success from the very start. After all, I consider myself as somewhat intelligent. Even with that I had to learn a few things. I lacked the skill sets necessary to bring in the big sales such as, marketing skills, getting more than enough leads, and how to talk to people.

Even if you are part of a marketing system you still have to get people’s attention and get them to your website. I found that I had to use numerous marketing vehicles in order to drive people to my site. In the beginning I would say that all of the top income earners used pay-per-click and I thought I could do it too. So I put all of my efforts and money into pay-per-click to find that I wasted a great deal of money just to learn the ropes. I had made a classic mistake of putting all my eggs in one basket. I learned that I needed to spread my advertising budget across several marketing vehicles in order to drive traffic to my direct sales site. By doing this I found that I received more consistent traffic.

When I started I was very naive when it came to leads. I had no concept of how many leads I needed to make one sale. Sure one quality lead is worth a thousand poor leads, but it is still a numbers game. I thought that if I could get one hundred leads a month that I would be golden. Man was I wrong. Sure they were in my sales pipeline but it would take time for them to turn into sales. I needed sales every week. Lead abundance was what I was lacking. I needed more leads than I could have first imagined to get to the level of sales to make my direct sales business a success.

I consider myself an average kind of guy who has an unnatural fear of talking on the phone with people I know. It was a rude awakening when I discovered that direct sales often requires you to talk to people you have never meet. I had to overcome my irrational fears of the phone which I did with the help of my coach. He taught me to stop talking with my head and speak from my heart. That’s a tough thing to do for a former Marine. But when I did this, with time, I got better at talking with people not only on the phone but also in my personal life.

Direct sales requires us to master different skills. Marketing with different vehicles such as pay-per-click, classifieds, e-zines, and other types are crucial. You also need an abundance of leads. A couple a day just will not suffice. But as important as marketing and leads are, you need to be able to connect with people either on the phone or in person. Put all three of these together and you will have a winning combination.

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Direct Mail Advertising – How Effective Is It?

Jun 03 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Direct mailing is an effective way to help your business succeed. This business solution can significantly boost sales and widen your customer base. Read on to know how it works.

Direct mail advertising is a type of marketing strategy that works by sending print materials to the consumers’ mailbox. This method aims to promote different types of products or services, or an upcoming event like a fund raising activity. This is one of the oldest forms of marketing, but it proves to be a cost-effective solution for many businesses. Even non-profit organizations and government entities can use this type of advertising.

Direct mailing has certain advantages. For one, it is lower-priced than most types of advertising, as you can use bulk mail rates to reach many customers. All you need for a direct mail campaign is a mailing list, the mail piece itself, and money for the postage fee.

You can buy a mailing list of postal addresses so you can target particular neighborhoods or other demographics. This is cost effective in the long run as you can send the mails on the same addresses repeatedly. The mailing piece, on the other hand, has to be designed and written well. Like other printed promotional materials, the piece must be interesting and creates a good impression of the business. You must think of the printing and packaging costs as well. For example, more colors could mean bigger printing costs, while multi-page mails like brochures and catalogues could require higher packaging costs. In most cases, the postage accounts for one-third of the entire expense.

It is also easy to determine if the campaign is doing well. For instance, you can track the number of coupons used. This also makes it easier to see how much the sales increased after the campaign.

Those who are just starting up their businesses can also find direct mail marketing a good way to get their names out there. Introducing a new product or service through broadcast or newspaper ads can be costly.

While direct mail marketing has many benefits, some possible drawbacks come with it. There are cases where response turned out to be overwhelming. If a book publishing company sends mails to 10,000 addresses and their stock for the specific book they are advertising is only 5,000, it can lead to customer disappointment. Given that the company can print more copies, would there be enough time to comply with the number of orders? Many people are interested with such mails. This is especially true when you don’t have a well-targeted mailing list.

With proper research and planning though, this can be the key to improve sales dramatically. Many companies can offer direct mail services. Professional direct mailers know how to work with your specific business needs. Consult with them when starting such marketing campaign. The Internet is a nice place to search for your service providers.

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