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Direct Marketing Copywriting – How to Nail Every Sale

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Direct market copywriting is a great way to ensure that you are maximizing profits from your sales pages. It is basically a method of writing sales copy in which you speak directly to the customer (or potential customer). If you expect this type of copywriting to work, there are a few things that you need to understand first. That’s exactly what you will learn in the next few paragraphs.

First, you need to understand how to develop trust with your readers. Most people who write in a direct marketing copywriting style focus a lot on this. If your readers do not have any trust in you, then there’s no way that they will ever buy from you. There are a few different ways that you can develop trust. The best way is to speak directly to them – meaning write in second person, using words and phrases like ‘you will’ ‘you can’ and such. Have you ever read travel brochures? They are great at speaking directly to the reader… ‘When you arrive at the beautiful luxury hotel, YOU will enjoy cocktails on the hour!’

Do you know why travel brochures are written that way? Because the people who write them understand that speaking to the reader not only makes them envision exactly what you are saying, but it helps to develop trust. You can also develop a sense of trust by revealing valuable information to your readers for free. Do you know any information that might expect someone to pay for? Perhaps you have a method of earning money online, maybe you know a secret to picking the best colors to paint a room. Whatever your secrets are, give them out to people. Just don’t reveal everything all the way. Once your readers realize that you are telling them something that is actually valuable, they will begin to trust you.

But, trust is not the only way of developing effective direct marketing copywriting. You also need to write in a way that holds the readers attention. This is easy to do when you are writing sales copy. Tell the reader some kind of story. People love to read stories – they also love to connect to stories. If you connect with you readers, then your sales are practically in the bag. People are just craving to purchase form someone that understands them.

Tell them a story about how you have had the same problems that they are having. Talk about how you overcame them through some means and about how you want to share your solution with them. Think about television infomercials when they show people using products that don’t work, they always look so frustrated. That’s a kind of quick story illustrating that there is a problem. Believe me, it’s very effective.

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How to Pass the 3:33 Rule and Add Longevity to Your B2B Direct Marketing Campaigns

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Here’s a snippet from Pat Friesen writing for Target Marketing Magazine in November 2007

The 3:33 Rule

Are you familiar with direct mail’s three minute and 33 second (3:33) rule? It’s important when you talk about “openability”.

The 3:33 rule suggests you have three seconds or less to stand out in the mail and stay out of the trash, then 30 seconds to engage the reader enough to get opened and make the “short stack” for later reading. After the first 33 seconds-if you actually get the reader inside your mail piece-she spends an additional three minutes or less reading it and deciding whether or not to respond.

B2B Direct Marketing and the Importance of the Mailing Pack – the first 3 seconds

Business to Business Direct marketing can be a huge waste of money unless you get it right – so you need to get it right first time. You need a promotional marketing piece that will have a big attention-grabbing quality and you need to send it out in a pack that will be easily spotted in the stack of mail on your customer’s desk.

Far too many B2B Direct Marketing campaigns go straight to the bin, often before the envelope has even been opened and therein lays the first problem – envelopes. A flat, plain white envelope with a frank or a PPI holds absolutely no mystery whatsoever. Send your B2B Direct Mail out in a plain white envelope and your campaign is already well on the way to generating a high level of indifference. With that thought firmly in mind, you should give very strong consideration to the type of carrier to use.

The saying goes that you get only one chance to make a first impression and the first impression that your customer has of your promotional mailer is the appearance of the mailing pack. I suggest that your mailer should have a degree of bulk and should be made to look like some sort of gift or “freebie”. This way, the mailer will be opened with eager anticipation rather than total indifference. The argument against this is that the postage costs will increase but believe me, paying postage to send an item that is thrown straight into the bin makes a whole lot less sense.

B2B Direct Marketing & the Importance of Holding Customer’s Attention – the next 30 secs

Once the mailing pack has done its first job in attracting the reader’s attention it then has to entice the reader to open it. I believe that the pack has to be designed in a way that is not too hard to open and leads to the main promotional piece without too much trouble. I say this as the promotional piece itself will take care of the next few minutes – no problem! A B2B promotional mailer needs to capture the imagination of your customer and automatic pop-up products are an obvious choice to do this. The pop-up action carries with it the elements of surprise, fun, interaction and curiosity. A rubber-band-powered automatic pop-up product like a pop-up cube or a pop-up box will easily pass the 30 second test and will usually account for the next few minutes during which time your promotional message has been well and truly digested.

B2B Direct Marketing & the Importance of Extending Your Marketing Campaign’s Life Span

There are direct marketing professionals who would be absolutely delighted for their campaign to have ticked the boxes discussed thus far but why stop there? What is there to say that the promotional piece should stop working after it has created such a big impact? To achieve this you don’t need to do much more than to add a few holes in the top surface on the pop-up cube or pop-up box. By doing this you can turn your promotional mailer into a promotional pen holder – a product that will stay on your customer’s desk top for months and months. Not only will the pop-up mailer fulfil its original obligation by capturing your customer’s attention, it then goes on to be a permanent promotion for your company right there on your customer’s desk top.

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How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Direct Marketing Lead Generation

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If your sales team often complains about the leads they receive from your direct marketing campaigns – or if you’re frustrated with lackluster lead follow-up and low conversion rates – you may be unwittingly committing one of the seven deadly sins of direct marketing lead generation.

Here are the common mistakes business-to-business marketers make with lead generation and tips on how to avoid them:

1. Leads are not qualified.

Problem: All responses are sent to the sales force regardless of their potential value. Sales reps waste time chasing weak prospects because they don’t have the information to distinguish good leads from bad.

Solution: Ask questions on the direct mail reply form, the web response form, or via your call center to qualify prospects by their level of interest and authority to purchase. Share this information to help sales reps prioritize their efforts.

2. Leads are from the wrong prospects.

Problem: The mailing lists you used in your direct marketing campaign didn’t reach the right decision-makers, so responses came from people who probably can’t or won’t become buyers.

Solution: As you develop your direct marketing strategy, ask the sales team to pinpoint the demographics of an ideal buyer. Choose mailing lists to reach these decision-makers and add selection criteria to narrow the list down to people who most closely resemble your best customers.

3. Leads are too old.

Problem: It takes so long to forward leads to sales that prospects lose interest in the offer or forget they responded. By the time the sales rep reaches the prospect, the lead has gone cold.

Solution: Assess your lead distribution process from top to bottom to find out what’s slowing things down. Eliminate unnecessary steps or revamp the system to get leads to reps as fast as possible.

4. Lead data is sloppy.

Problem: The lead data you send to reps is incomplete or riddled with errors.

Solution: Set stricter guidelines about what information must be required before a lead is sent to a rep and review the data input process to assure data quality.

5. Too many leads are sent at once.

Problem: The sales force is overwhelmed with a large volume of leads they can’t efficiently handle in a reasonable timeframe.

Solution: Test your direct mail to a smaller list to gauge likely response. Plan the execution of the direct marketing campaign in stages to create a steady flow of leads rather than a flood.

6. Sales reps don’t know about the promotion.

Problem: Leads are sent to the sales team from a direct marketing campaign they know nothing about.

Solution: Get reps on board early in the process by alerting them to your upcoming direct marketing initiative. Seed them on the mailing list so they receive samples when the direct mail drops.

7. The sales team doesn’t have the right tools to follow up.

Problem: Responses come in before the proper sales demonstration materials have been created or sent to the sales team. While sales reps wait for product samples, sales collateral, or sales presentation kits, prospects may be hearing from your competitors.

Solution: Plan for the development of sales demonstration materials when creating your direct marketing strategy and don’t drop the mailing until reps have the tools they need to convert leads to sales.

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Marketing 1 Product Vs Marketing 100 Products

May 27 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

In your business, are you betting the farm on one marketing technique? Well if you are, then I can tell you that you’re setting yourself up for failure whether you know it or not. You see with almost every advertising attempt, there’s a chance of your ad not working. And this chance increases more and more with the rising of costs of doing business.

With that being said, I think that you’re putting yourself in a hole when you say I don’t to use this technique or another because it’s labor intensive. That’s just the wrong reason to not do a marketing strategy. If you want to work and find yourself with tons of customers on a daily basis, you need to get some spunk.

Spunk is always s good thing. It’s one of those “swagger” things that you will want to incorporate in your business also. So when you meet with colleagues and investors, you can come off as a person that knows what they are talking about, and you make yourself someone that people want to hang out with.

How does this relate to marketing? Well I’m going to show you in just a second. If you want to have the most kind of success that you dream of, then you’re probably will want scatter your marketing strategies. One day create a TV ad. The next day run an ad in the newspaper. The next do a bit of internet marketing with PPC advertising. The next day try to find joint venture partners. All of these techniques will help you to boost your income if you diversify your marketing.

Now if you do go down the path where the income just isn’t coming in, then some sacrifices will have to be made. It all revolves around your budget. How many things are you willing to spend to make your marketing strategy succeed? This something that you need to think about before bringing new leads and potential customers into your doors.

One thing that you don’t want to do is to put your eggs in one basket. So if one marketing strategy fails, pick yourself up and try again. You can never give up on your dreams and aspirations no matter how far fetched it seems right now. Keep your marketing engines running so that you know that your marketing are handling most of the tasks for you.

Isn’t that what you want? More free time to spend with your family. More money in your pocket, and not having to worry about how much things cost in a store. This is called customer retention. If you can keep an eye on your prospects and see how they buy, you’ll be sitting on a mine field full of money.

I think that whenever someone comes into your business, they’re looking for something that is unique to their problem, and by asking them what it is that they’re looking for, you can easily point out the product or service that you requested.

Following up on your leads is a smart thing to do, and I think you should be implementing it into your business as well. Don’t believe the hype that you’ll earn “30k in 30 days” and things like that. Instead, focus on generating leads, and following up on these until they buy.

These are the kind of things that needs to be considered if you want to have the kind of business success that you dream of.

Good luck with making these tips work for your business also.

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Proximity Marketing – How To Increase Your Retail Sales By 30% In 90 Days

May 26 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

One of absolute worst mistakes a retail establishment can make is not understanding Proximity Marketing. Proximity Marketing is the continual marketing to, and study of the encompassing radius surrounding any retail establishment. It’s the low hanging fruit theory. Studies have shown that most people like to shop or dine within a short distance of their home. To increase their sales, all a business owner has to do is find out who their best prospects are and keep the marketing messages flowing to them.

But most businesses do a lousy job of this seemingly common sense marketing logic. Why? Because it takes knowledge and creativity to make it successful and most important, profitable. Just sending out a postcard or sales flyer once in awhile is not enough to create Brand Dominance. Brand Dominance is when a business reaches 90% awareness within their proximity. Brand Dominance is achieved through a well laid out plan over a period of months, and usually years. And it doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. It does mean a consistent and varied approach to getting the business message ingrained on the minds of each and every proximity inhabitant. Direct mail, PR, web, events, zone cable spots, referral, billboard all make up key components, or touchpoints of Proximity Marketing. Touchpoints are every single way that your business is seen, heard, or felt by the public. By planning ahead and keeping the touchpoints rolling, a business can increase their sales exponentially in a short period of time.

The key is keep the brand out front all of the time. Don’t hide the silver, as they say. Get it out and keep it out. Make people hear your business message over and over again, but don’t bore them. Make sure your getting through to them with clear statements that cause action. Action is the key to Proximity Marketing. Move those prospects with specials, sales, promotions, premiums, contests and any other well positioned sales strategy.

Now, once you get them as customers, continue to keep accelerating your Brand Dominance with them. Don’t ever give them a reason to think of a competitor. Keep the communication consistent and worthwhile. Once you have them as a customer, you’ll know everything about them. Their likes and dislikes and little consumer nuances that you’ll use to increase their Lifetime Value.

Remember, it’s all about the Proximity. Winning the Proximity is key to achieving record sales and profits.

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The Particular Requirements Of B2B Direct Marketing

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The fact of your products or service is really defined by the perception and the needs of a specific audience. What about nature of your product linked to your potential audience? Do the qualities of your product or service make it very specialized? This is a common characteristic of technology product. Normally, this means that your product or service:

• May be helpful only by an audience with special skill or previously acquired knowledge, or may need training to be used.
• Is paying attention on a particular kind of “vertical” or skilled solution, and therefore probably has a much smaller amount of people interested in or using it.
• Is probably more luxurious than the “average” product.
• Is expected to involve more than one individual in evaluating or buying it, resulting in a longer sales cycle.

These all are kinds of product issues that affect your entire direct marketing program, because they drive whom you must reach, the offer you have to to make, the content and structure of your message (the “creative”), and the method you implement part or all of the direct marketing program.

That’s why business to business direct marketing have a tendency to be highly focused, highly targeted process. List selection becomes an entirely critical component, because you must investigate and get just the right type of list, with suitable selection criteria, to increase your chance of success in reaching your best target audience.

Developing an offer is equally essential. In lead generation, the offer must appeal very specifically to the type of viewers you are targeting. Normally, the higher the price of your product, the more you need to prequalify the prospect and make that person “work harder” for your offer. In order age group, on the other hand, it is important to attract the prospect to evaluate the product or service instead of or an addition to one more product or service, and to make it attractive to purchase that product simply and fast. All the detail must be included so that the prospect can make a purchase straight away.

Finally, when you perform the creative, the approach must be suitable to the audience, if, for example, your product target market is scientists, you maybe already know that these individuals are interested in facts, figure, experiments and acceptable claim. Well documented non promotional stuff is likely to work better for this technical audience instead of “showy” advertising approaches with little in the way of detail.

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Revolutionizing Direct Marketing

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Revolutionizing Network Marketing
Let’s face it! Most of us have heard it said that network marketing programs are little more than “pyramid schemes,” regardless of the company. I was one of those. But when I was presented with an opportunity to work with an entrepreneur who had made millions in this business, and many others: best selling book sales, real estate, internet marketing, stocks and other business ventures; I stopped and considered that all I knew might not be all there is to know. I earned my opportunity to work with this multi millionaire and best selling author, and I am really glad I had an open mind enough to do just that.

Think about it, any business- whether it is a small business or a large corporation, has some form of hierarchy. The president or CEO is always at the top, with VP’s and other managerial executive positions’ branching out from there, and then the workers… the people who really get and keep the business going under management’s lead. How then, is a direct marketing or network marketing company any different? Actually, it may be a more efficient and effective business model as you cut start-up and inventory costs. You also save money on the idea that there is no middle man, or at least, you become the middle man… either way, you no longer have the cost related to needing this type of service.

I have come to learn that network marketing and direct marketing are not necessarily bad, it is up to the individual to ensure that they are finding the right company and then taking entrepreneurial, pro active steps to build that business. Take the company I am involved with, for instance… it is a publicly traded company, it offers 6 different ways to create income streams within your 1 business, the products are high quality, top of the line products that really work… this keeps your customers coming back. In addition, I was lucky enough to team up with one of the top money earners in the company with whom I work directly. This associate has worked incredibly hard at mentoring the team I am associated with to be leaders and is revolutionizing the way we build our teams. It is so exciting to be a part of something so grounded. I take pride in learning more about network marketing and growing as a person. It amazes me how short we sell ourselves by closing our minds. Who’d of thought I would change my mind about this business model? More than that, who could have known how rewarding and fun it could be?

If you have ever considered working at home, or purchasing a business in a direct marketing company, just stop and answer these few questions:

1. Am I disciplined enough to be my own boss and get things done?
2. Have I researched the companies I am interested in working with?
3. Do I have passion for the product I am selling?
4. Is there some level of support built in, or will I be essentially on my own?
5. Am I disciplined enough to be my own boss and get things done?

Don’t be fooled. There is a certain amount of hard work and learning that must get done to realize success in a network marketing company, but if you get involved with a good company and are disciplined enough to work at it, you will recognize that success. In my case, I found an incredible team with terrific mentors working to revolutionize the way things get done in the industry. This kind of support has been paramount to my own personal successes, and now I am a leader among my team. I don’t know if you will be lucky enough to join a revolutionary team, but if you are looking for something you could manage yourself, with relatively little start-up AND you are a motivated self starter, there is no reason why you wouldn’t do well in a direct marketing business model. Whatever you choose, be sure that you either have the passion or the support to see it through… though it helps to have both! Happy Money Making and good luck in your next venture.

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Article Marketing Software Tips

May 19 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

If you are looking for the most effective and the ultimate sure fire way of marketing, the answer is direct advertising. Direct advertising is perhaps the best marketing strategy there is today, simply because through direct advertising, products are directly marketed to a potential customer with the help of either a telemarketer or a sales person or representative.

While direct advertising has been around for quite some time, it was just until recently that the number of individuals who are trying to implement direct marketing techniques has significantly increased. Whether small scale or run by a conglomerate, local and international companies discovered how effective direct marketing is because of the “personal touch” that it has towards its customers.

As an online business owner, it is understandable if you aim to apply direct marketing methods. However, whether or not direct marketing works for you highly depends on what kind of online business you run and the kind of target audience that your products or services are after.

How effective direct advertising would be also depends on other factors such as the resources that you have available and how soon you access them as well as the financial extent upon which you are willing to invest on the direct advertising strategies.

It will also depend on which type of direct marketing strategy you wish to take up. Today, one of the most commonly applied direct marketing strategies is article marketing – it is a marketing technique where you let articles speak on behalf of your company or yourself; you let the articles “run the show” and serve as your “sales person”.

Article marketing can be done manually, where you submit the articles one by one to different article directories online. However, there is one way to make your article marketing endeavor a lot easier and that is through article marketing software.

Here are some tips on how to effectively market your articles using an article marketing software.

  • Make sure that the article that you write is relevant. If a fresh news came up and you know just the product or service related to it, do some research and write an article about it and end the article with a link pointing to your website.
  • Just like the articles that you read in newspapers, your article should be timely and newsworthy. More readers will take the time reading your article if the topic is hot and interesting.
  • Always make your articles viral - allow other people to publish your articles as long as they maintain the entire format and flow of the article and give you credit for it.
  • Keep your articles short and simple. Long and complex articles will bore and lose readers along the way.

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Stock Market Wisdom – Learning to Trade Like the Legends, Part 6

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The truly great traders and investors have developed a successful trading mind-set. This allows them to observe, and then correctly interpret individual stocks, and the general market direction as well. Most of the time, normal human nature does not work well trading the various markets. A normal thinking mind is not a good fit with the successful characteristics shown by the stock market. The key to a successful trading mind, is to not be swayed by emotions, such as fear, greed, and hope. Emotions will cloud your thinking. Being a top-notch trader requires clear thinking, and total objectivity throughout the trading process.

The most successful traders understand the stock market, or any other trading venue, is cyclical in nature. What has happened in the past, will happen again in the future. A price pattern you see today, is a repetition of a similar price pattern from the past. The key is to become familiar with the actions of the past. This way, you will be able to anticipate, and then take action, to profit in the future. The markets repeat the same cycles, and patterns, because human nature is what moves the markets. Human nature has never, and will never change. That is why you will see the same patterns and cycles in the stock market, and in all trading venues.

As far as I know, there are no universities or schools that teach the proper methods, strategies, and principles, for successful trading. This includes the stock market, commodities market, or any other trading arena. A degree in business, economics, or any other degree I know of, will not be much help in the real world of trading. Academics have argued for decades about efficient markets. They say there is no way to beat the market averages. This is complete nonsense, and proves just how out of touch the academic community is, concerning the real world of trading and investing. Stock market operators such as William J. O’Neil have beaten the market averages for decade after decade. Richard Dennis, with no formal training, who is self-taught, made hundreds of millions of dollars by age 37. How did they do it? By following historically proven methods, strategies, and principles. They also understand, and implement proper trading psychology.

Learn from the true masters of trading such as William J. O’Neil, Gerald Loeb, Bernard Baruch, Jesse Livermore, and Michael W. Covel. Read their books. Study their methods and techniques. Implement what you learn into your own trading and investing. This is the key to getting a trading education that could make you a fortune.

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Short Sale Marketing Ideas to Get Sellers Chasing You

May 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Short sale marketing doesn’t mean you have to do commercials or even take out a billboard. Getting sellers in need to reach out to you often just means putting key ideas in to place that are cheap (sometimes free) that will let people in need of help to raise their hand and call you!

We invite you to discover key short sale marketing ideas that will allow you to get more people calling and emailing you today.

Social Networking

You can’t just post “who needs a short sale?” and expect people to come rushing to you. Social networking gives you the opportunity to get strangers and those who you know to reach out to you for help. In order to get your network to come to life and identify you as the expert, it requires that you ask interest peaking questions. For example you could simply post as your status update “Do you know the 5 key items to put in a hardship letter to get your short sale approved? Find out now..” and you can direct them to your website. Sending them back to your website will give prospects the opportunity to reach out to you directly.

Pay Per Click

Just as in social networking, you can’t just market directly for short sales as many sellers don’t understand that it could be their best option. To get the most from your pay per click campaign requires that you target key items that a seller would be looking for BEFORE they know they are in need of a short sale.

For example a seller who is behind on their payments, would often look for “hardship letter to mortgage company” or “stop foreclosure programs”. At this point in searching a seller is looking for help, they just aren’t sure what help they need. Getting them to reach out to you early will help you to be identified as the source for information and you can help save their credit.

With pay per click for short sale marketing the key is to keep tightly focused localized ad campaigns and ad groups. When you do this you will get sellers throughout your entire city.

Reaching out to past clients

This is a short sale marketing tactic that many real estate professionals miss! Many people feel guilty that they put someone in a house where now they are in need of a short sale, but know that it’s not your fault. People can be in need of a short sale due to job loss, medical situations, or countless others that aren’t your fault.

You can reach out to past clients via direct mail, or the easiest way of simply picking up the phone. Consider making your calls easy, by simply mentioning briefly something like “Mr/Mrs Past Client, I have been helping many owners in these tough times with short sales. Do you think any of your neighbors might want a private consultation to see if I can help them through this tough time?”. Should they have a need themselves this will make them feel comfortable enough to ask for your help.

Article Marketing

Yes article marketing for short sales is a fantastic method! Writing articles on popular sites like Ezines, Buzzle, and others will demonstrate your expertise. When you write articles that give sellers tips on how to get the bank to stop calling, write hardship letters, and even negotiate on their own they will feel compelled to reach out to you!

No matter which idea you start with, the key part is to start with something today! Short sales are a large part of the market now, so it’s time to reach out and see who you can help.

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